Wednesday 18 March 2015

Cot Death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Cot Death:

may have a number of causes or contributing factors.

One very likely cause sits between clumsy infant handling and outright abuse:

Some parents regularly handle their infants in a rough manner. It inflicts shock to which the infant immune system will be triggered into a state where it is constantly in a state of overreaction.The immune system becomes permanently stressed and will naturally become prone to numerous compounding health problems. The extreme though is deliberate abuse.
Since the 1950's I have repeatedly witnessed while in normally private situations where mothers or siblings will hit sleeping infants. The act is always carried out when the culprits believe they are unobserved. In the most extreme cases, mothers will pick up their sleeping infants by the throat and punch them. To do this surely puts the child's life at risk.
This behaviour needs to be bought to the attention of the medical profession to help solve the mysteries surrounding S.I.D.S. By investigating this syndrome of abuse, surely a major part of S.I.D.S. will no longer be a mystery.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Human Evolution: The Missing Link

Human Evolution – The Missing Link     Peter van der Veer 1986

To find the missing link in human evolution, we only need look at our own patterns.
Within them will be the trail of our own evolution.
Our gestation surely displays that imprint.
It is similar to this:

With every indication that we emerged from a swamp, we would have emerged looking like this:

and hopped out as a hairless amphibian.

Further to the amphibian theory,the older a skull, the more pronounced the jaw:

Also, if we look at a complete frog skeleton, it is not that dissimilar to the human one.
Any connection should not be dismissed.

Scientists need to become more visual instead of following each other's theories.
Our origins should be self evident to everyone.

The Biblical Times

The Biblical Times                                                                                          Peter van der Veer
April 1986

This idea to interpret the Christian Bible came during an extremely uncomfortable encounter with a group of very aggressive religious fanatics.
Another motivation was injustice. Religion has been used for leniency with criminals.
So for the first time, I picked up a copy of the Christian Bible and read it. My reaction was not one of “looking up” in awe at it but the absolute opposite, I looked “down” at the ancient simplicity.

The origins of the Christian Bible need to be put into perspective:
    • it is selections from found notes compiled into a single volume.
    • And they're notes written at a time when an ignorant majority maintained the world was flat, inert, at the centre of the universe and if anyone was to venture too far, they would fall off the edge.

The Christian Bible is basic notes for life's lessons. It is simple psychology for simple people.
“God” as a constant theme, subject or protagonist is an ancient substitute for today's understanding of the world around us. “God” simply means the nature of things; why and how things exist while for humans it is our will, our goals, our reason to exist and the like. So when we encounter the saying “one all seeing God”, it simply refers to the manifold aspects of normal brain function – cognition, memory, conscience and so on.

“God” is not a deity at all. No such thing exists. What does exist however, is the psychological connectedness between all humans from “good” to “bad” and everything in between – our spirituality. Today our understanding of intangible connections: forces, bonds and the like is highly sophisticated compared to thousands of years ago. Today we are cognisant of genetics, metaphysics and psychological projection. We do not need reminders of the simple known while being told at the same time that it is an insurmountable religious mystery.

So the saying “only one God” should only serve as a simple reminder that we only have one brain, it is best not mistreated as it will always work according to its accrued contents.

“Thy should be done on earth as it is in Heaven” - simply means that what is surrounding us right now is our thoughts which we have projected via our instinctive actions.

“God maketh man in His own image” has nothing to do with a deity's manufacturing efforts, it is simply our own biology: our genetic code followed by our choices summed up in the adage “what we think we become”.

“The Hereafter” is not some mysterious distant unknown, it's the here and now – our children before us. They're the hereafter: Their inherent genes combined with their interpretations of our teachings will naturally become the future.

“The Holy Trinity”: “From the Father (or Mother) to the Son (or Daughter) the Holy Spirit” has nothing to do with any deity at all. It's today's common knowledge of basic genetics, family bonds, conditioning, psychological transference and so on. It's the spiritual beings we (and all animals) are. Yet, according to Christian teaching, it is the great “Mystery of Faith” central to Christian worship.

And for the antagonist,“The Devil”, the same psychological principles apply: a simple warning for simple people against negative thoughts and deeds. For the Greeks it was “Pandora's Box”.

Christianity's insistence of a deity must surely be the greatest hoax and intellectual insult in Western History.
To worship an “unknown” and deliberately sustain it as a mystery while damning its own faithful while also condemning “outsiders” is not a religion, it's a form of gangsterism.

A mystery can be maintained indefinitely providing ignorance is maintained and context and logic are prevented. Anyone who has a literal belief of these writings today must surely be psychologically impaired. Only the most intellectually feeble minds jump to literal conclusions of what they read, yet this has been the practice for all who have followed this religion throughout its two thousand year history. In addition, this unthinking mentality is too often covertly aggressive: With it is the consistent implication that there is something seriously wrong with non-believers. This is a sinister undercurrent society can well do without. It is the seed of all human conflict.

Yet, despite the intellectual wretchedness of this religion, to be in a great Cathedral or Basilica can be the most spiritually exhilarating experience. One's whole being tingles with excitement. And that is where such a religion needs to concentrate its purpose – to have faith in fellow humans and mutually share spiritual aspirations. I believe the established houses of worship need to continue, but it is the subjects of worship conducted within them which need urgent reform. Some of the ancient rituals are absolutely beautiful. They need to be continued but in other forms; changed from the current negative mystery preoccupations and martyr worship into positive attitudes that honour mankind and inspire the religion's faithful into aspiring and thinking for themselves.

The entire Christian religion can be eclipsed in a single sentence such as one from Anthony Storr:
“Social and political forces originate with the individual”. Such a statement is both absolute humility and yet personal responsibility at the very same time. It should be above every entry to every house of worship as the basic philosophy of the religion. To take such step would see Christianity, at last, take a massive positive step towards helping world peace. Human consensus has put the world into the state it is in now and it will be again only human consensus that will be able to improve it.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Mental Illness – A Complete Explanation:

There is an overview to Mental Illness which can be illustrated as a picture.
We always need to be aware that humans have patterns common to universal patterns. It is
inescapable, we are components within the universe. When we know these “big pictures” or
patterns, we can then see their context in the “bigger picture” and so on. However, if we remain within the activities of any given thing, there is the definite likelihood of never fully comprehending it. This has been the problem until now with trying to understand Mental Illness. To “stand back”, observe and not intervene is what I have done. In all of Science we know an experiment with intervention is invalid yet intervention has been virtually the sole means of human analysis to date. In the terms of Scientific truth, most findings therefore cannot be regarded as completely valid. In contrast to modern text sources, I have observed and documented completely unannounced without intervention over many decades. I have simply let humans be themselves and recorded what they do by their own free will.

Whatever classifiable states “seem” to exist before us has been largely the basis of Mental Illness diagnosis so far. It is similar to the ancient concept of the heavens based on feeling followed by an according acceptance that the world “seemed” flat, inert and at the centre of the universe. We see a parallel acceptance with diagnosis and definitions of Mental Illness today. The basis is again what “seems” to be there or "seemed" to have happened. When we observe anything in close proximity among a multitude of small inner workings, everything in view will seem incredibly complex – like the heavens above did. But when many individual components are viewed as cohesive whole, a logical picture where we can consider the governing systems and external connections is likely to
become apparent. In the case of the earth and surroundings, simple logical observation gave the answer - the obvious patterns were those of overlapping spheres yet few saw this phenomenon. The same exists for mental illness today - there is a simple overall pattern.

Here is a diagram representing a microscopic phenomenon, yet it also resembles the infinite galactic connections in the universe around us and yet it also resembles an overview of Human Mental Illness.

What it is that can hold such a vast system as the universe together for example, would have been the most difficult concept to grasp: electro-magnetism and gravity. But once understood, knowledge of their properties helped change belief or acceptance from being “inert and at the centre” to accepting we are on an orbiting globe spinning in space at about 55,000 kilometres per hour at the Mediterranean latitude without being flung off because the properties of gravity and electro-magnetism prevent it.

In the case of Mental Illness, it is again the invisible component which needs to be known: the governing system, the originating cause, the ongoing sustaining system, the connecting conductor that transmits and signals the susceptibility to it and what is it that drives the multitude of external displays. Surprisingly it is only one thing in many different manifestations. That “invisible” system or thing of course is depression. But most importantly, Depression is simply all that Mental Illness is. That's all we need to know. The many external displays we see are merely reactions to Depression. Grasping this concept is like grasping the electro-magnetism and gravity concept.

Once depression in all its aspects is known, the overall understanding of Mental Illness becomes clear. As complex as Mental Illness displays may seem to be, a relatively concise simple picture like the one above will become apparent and thus make it easy for us to navigate as we do in the universe around us today. In all of Science and Mathematics, all we ever need to know is the formula to any given thing. Once known, the details are unnecessary.

The simple definition of Mental Illness is – all the “different” conditions we encounter are just
reactions to, or are referrals of the single underlying inter-connected condition, Depression. Those displays are not entities on their own as currently believed. Depression itself is a state of perpetual reduction, so reactions to such a phenomenon will be as numerous as personalties.

It is for everyone to simply know the logic of perpetual reduction is, to think clearly and refrain from blind acceptance to the current use of labels and to instead make their own logical enquiry in accordance with the logical way Mental Illness does actually work. History has demonstrated the intellectual explosion and consequentially rapid scientific development that followed Columbus. A similar exponential development will occur when humans are willing to understand their own condition.

Appendix and some examples:-

Given the concept Perpetual Reduction, a physicist will instantly know a multitude of referred
outcomes, yet the same common sense view has never been taken when assessing the human condition.

Condition and Reaction:
Very common is the inability to distinguish between an underlying condition and momentary
reaction. Knowing this distinction is essential to gaining a comprehensive understanding.

An ancient schooling that humans have been transplanted here continues unwittingly as a
psychological premise that imposes a “separateness” from any parallels in the natural world with humans. It blocks the wider understanding that is essential to have: that humans never operate along a single train of thought, that thought is always manifold.

Constants and Variables:
separating the two is essential for scientific enquiry, yet in human scientific enquiry, it is ignored.

“Bi Polar”:
current perception dictates that it exists on its own. However, common sense will tell us that the condition is oscillatory. So there has to be a driving force that causes it to oscillate. It cannot be its own entity as suggested today.

A person may present as a psychopath, however, the underlying cause my be something entirely different such as – suicidal depression (with the external display offsetting the internal). In dealing with such a murderous case, an analyst is likely to set free an individual who said they "felt good", yet that would be when such individuals would be most dangerous.

will block, mask and refer reactions, so frustrate the “will” of the underlying condition.
As in all of nature,frustration will cause any underlying condition to manifest elsewhere by other means and in another form or forms. In one hundred years, given thorough Knowledge, people will be horrified to learn of the drugs of today.
It needs to be realised, the world's biggest drug factory sits on the collective shoulders of mankind.

Research - this conclusion has been reached after five decades of impartially observing, analysing and documenting human behaviour "in the wild" without intervention.